Saint Lawrence Orthodox Christian Church Calendar of Services and Events

An explanation of terms on the calendar

* St. Lawrence Church strives to ensure that the information is as complete and accurate as possible; however, due to circumstances beyond our control, service or event information may on occasion change or be omitted. If in doubt, please check with the church office to confirm dates or information.


What Do These Words Mean?
An explanation of terms on the calendar

Matins: Morning prayer service.
Divine Liturgy: The main Eucharistic service.
Vespers: Evening prayer service.
Paraklesis: Supplication service honoring Mary, the Mother of God.
Akathist: A hymn / service dedicated to a saint, or holy event.
Artoklasia: (“breaking of bread”) A service with blessing of five loves held Vespers, or Matins of Feasts.
Catechism: Classes for those preparing to join the Orthodox Church.
Saints & Feasts: Each day has a special commemoration and is listed.