Parish Council

St. Lawrence's Parish Council is the administrative body of our Church community that is elected by its stewards for the purpose of working with the Parish Priest in fulfilling the mission, goals and ministries of our parish and community.

The Parish Council is responsible for the daily administrative workings of the parish, ensuring bills are properly paid, that a responsible annual budget is created and approved, and that the parish's grounds and buildings are properly maintained.

The 2024 St. Lawrence Orthodox Church Parish Council includes the following parishioners.

   President:              Dustin Pellizer
   Vice President:       Matthew Culores
   Treasurer:              Al Schoepp 
   Secretary:              Anne Hulter   
   PC Member           David Adams   
   PC Member           Nathan Clausing
   PC Member           Crystal Dunniway
   PC Member           John Hyde
   PC Member           Seraphim Zupan

The Parish Council meets the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. All parish members are welcome to attend.