Schedule of Services for Holy Pascha and Bright Week 2016

Parishioners from St. Orthodox Lawrence Orthodox Church will celebrate Pascha on May, 1st 2016 with more than 250 million Orthodox Christians worldwide. The service times and other information can be found below. All are welcome.

Pascha Service at St. Lawrence Orthodox Church.

Scheduale of Services for Holy Pascha and Bright Week 2016

April 29th Holy Friday
9:00 am Royal Hours
3:00 pm Great Vespers
7:00 pm Matins

- At Great Vespers, Christ is removed from the Cross and the Epitaphion (shroud) is brought to the center of the church and placed in the tomb. Matins for Holy Saturday takes place by candlelight. Wee sing the Lamentations with special melodies that are used only twice a year. At the end of Matins we Process with the Bier around the church and the faithful pass underneath it as they re-enter the church.

April 30th Holy Saturday
2:00 pm Vesperal Divine Liturgy of St. Basil
11:00 pm Paschal Matins & Divine Liturgy

- At this Vesperal Divine Liturgy we have the striking of the new light and Epitaphion (shroud) is brought up from the tomb and placed on the Altar. The vestment colors are changed from dark to light and bay leaves and rose petals are thrown throughout the church as we sing “Arise O God”. After the Vesperal Liturgy wine is permitted but not oil.
At Festal Matins for Holy Pascha the service begins in complete darkness and then the Priest brings out the Paschal Light to the people. The entire congregation then processes around the church with lit candles. At the conclusion of Matins the Paschal Homily of St. John Chrysostom is read and we exchange the kiss of peace before Liturgy begins.
After liturgy the priests pass out red eggs, the food baskets are blessed, and we break the fast together from our baskets.

Sunday May 1st
12:00 pm Agape Vespers

- At this service the Gospel reading for the day is read, and then read in many different languages. After Agape Vespers we have the Pascha barbecue at the Clausing property.

Monday May 2nd Bright Monday
8:15 am Festal Matins
9:00 am Divine Liturgy
7:00 pm Paschal Vespers

- At Matins and Vespers throughout Bright week the Paschal Canon is sung. Each day at the end of Liturgy a procession around the church takes place. During the procession on Bright Monday, Gospel readings take place at all four corners of the church.

Tuesday May 3rd Bright Tuesday
7:00 pm Paschal Vespers