“The Orthodox Family in a Time of the Crisis”

2nd Annual Spiritual Retreat

On Saturday, October 14, the Second Annual Spiritual Retreat of the Palestinian and Jordanian Orthodox Christian Communities in the United States of America on “The Orthodox Family in a Time of the Crisis” took place in the Sun City of All Saints of North America in Sun City, Arizona.

The work of the Spiritual Retreat began after a message was received from the Eminent Archbishop of America, Demetrios.

The first presentation of the Spiritual Retreat, by the Archimandrite of the Ecumenical Throne, Damaskinos Alazrai, was “The Mystery of Matrimony”.

The second presentation, by the V. Rev Thaddaeus Hardenbrook, rector of Saint Lawrence Orthodox Christian Church, Felton, California, had the subject of “The Family as the Domestic Church”.

The third and last presentation, by the V. Rev. John A. Peck, rector of All of the North American Saints in Sun City, Arizona, had the subject of “The Orthodox Family in a Time of the Crisis and Thoughts of Survival”.

Participants came from several cities in Arizona and from neighboring states of California, Colorado and Nevada to attend the Spiritual Retreat. Participation in the Spiritual Retreat surpassed all expectations.

Through the in-depth talks and presentations of the speakers and the discussion that followed, the conference’s listeners found answers to questions and issues of their family routine.

The Spiritual Retreat ended the afternoon of the same day as the Protection of the Theokotos.

• The Mystery of Matrimony

• The Family as the Domestic Church

•  The Orthodox Family in a Time of the Crisis and Thoughts of Survival